The Alliance for Multispecialty Research (AMR) is a unique network of integrated, geographically diverse, and highly experienced Clinical Research Centers of Excellence. Chartered as a formal organization in 1994, AMR Centers of Excellence provide clinical trial services across a broad base of therapeutic areas to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition and medical device industries.
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Phase 1

CKRA is proud to announce the opening of our brand new Phase I/IIa In-House Facility. The Unit encompasses 5,000 square feet adjacent to our Lexington research office that is dedicated to completing healthy volunteer and special population early phase trials. Each of the 10 private rooms is equipped with a queen bed, private bath, recliner and flat screen cable DVD/TV. Six of the 10 rooms are fully handicap accessible. The entertainment lounge offers cable TV, available WiFi, DVD and book libraries and game tables, ensuring the comfort of CKRA’s volunteers, which increases compliance and reduces drop out rates. CKRA currently maintains a healthy volunteer database of over 1,200 patients as well as having access to various patient populations across a range of therapeutic areas. This new early phase unit enhances CKRA’s commitment to advancing pharmaceutical research. CKRA is not under the jurisdiction of a local Institutional Review Board (IRB) and must use a Central IRB. Some Central IRBs utilized are: SAIRB, WIRB, NEIRB, RCRC, Quorum, Essex , Copernicus, Goodwyn, Lee Coast and Chesapeake .